If you don’t already know the story behind this photo, it’s a good one.  When Keshia Thomas was 18, the KKK held a rally in her home town of Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Counter protesters came out in droves to tell the KKK that they were not welcome.  At one point, a man with SS tattoos and a vest emblazoned with the confederate flag wound up on the side of the counter-protesters.  He was thrown to the ground and multiple protesters began to beat him with picket signs and sticks.  Keshia Thomas became uncomfortable with the scene, so much so that she threw herself over the man to protect him, and begged the crowd to stop.

When asked about why she protected a man who almost certainly hated her for the color of her skin, she responded:

I knew what it was like to be hurt. The many times that that happened, I wish someone would have stood up for me… violence is violence - nobody deserves to be hurt, especially not for an idea.”

A little while ago, AZSpot posted about Robert Farrar Capon, who talked about the idea of “vulgar grace” within the Christian religious tradition.  He described it as “indiscriminate compassion,” which could be slightly re-worded as “unconditional compassion.”  The idea is that you show compassion even to those that don’t deserve it.  So you give a dollar to the homeless man who may or may not use it to buy drugs—but you do it anyway because there’s a chance he’s telling the truth.  Or When your screw-up of a brother needs a place to stay because he got fired from another job, you give it to him, because he’s your brother.  When someone does something to hurt you, you give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it wasn’t personal.

Or in the case of Keshia Thomas, you sacrifice your own body to protect someone who rejects the legitimacy of your very existence.  But you still do it.  Because “violence is violence - nobody deserves to be hurt, especially not for an idea.”

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Wait. You guys don’t have a paid maternity leave? O_o

Nope, and every time it’s brought up, there is a chorus of, “BUT SOMEONE THINK OF THE PROFIT MARGINS!!! IT WILL DESTROY JOBS AND KEEP COMPANIES FROM HIRING WOMEN!!”

Just like the comments over at the source of the article.

In Canada it doesn’t cost companies anything as it is paid through employment insurance and is effectively like if you were on unemployment for a year (the last 9 months is paternity leave and can be split between either parent not just the mother) but employer is required to hold a job for you.

The only real cost to employers is hiring and training costs with bringing in temporary replacements

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Minimum Wage Vs Unemployment Vs Retail Cost - Sydney Vs NYC

read an interesting article: http://www.dailyfinance.com/2014/05/12/cheap-date-index-global-prices/ which compares the cost (in USD) of a burger, movies, beer & a cab ride for 2 people in major cities around the world.

The article lists the price in Sydney Australia at $104; 12% higher than NYC at $93. These are the 2 most expensive cities on the index for their respective countries. Not surprisingly Sydney comes in higher; after all wages in Sydney are higher particularly minimum wage which is $16 Australian / Hour (Approximately $15 US / Hour at time of posting as per google conversion)

However; the difference is not as significant as one might expect. NY minimum wage is currently $8 / Hr so the poorest Sydney workers are making 87.5% more / hour than comparative working New Yorkers. In spite of this Sydney siders only have to pay an extra 12% to go to Maccas (Australian for McDonalds) see a movie then grab a beer and make it safely home in a cab.

What about Unemployment? Current unemployment in Sydney is listed at 5.8% here (first news article on google search) and in NYC 8.9% (as per google which lists US Bureau of labor statistics as it’s source.

So, comparison of two major cities indicates that significant increase in minimum sage results in minor increase in goods and services provided and does not appear to have had any negative impact on unemployment.

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There it is. Please stop debating this issue, abolish the minimum wage.

Your assumption is that once wages drop below a certain point people will cease to require a wage and so will exit the job market and that the only limit on the supply of jobs is the cost of labor. Both these assumptions are false.
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This Ted talk breaks down the myth of 1% as job creators

@1:46 - “hiring more people is a course of last resort for capitalists. It’s what we do if and only if rising consumer demand requires it.”